How to Start the Sex TALK with Your Child

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Starting the sex talk with your child can be a herculean task. It is good to know that you are not alone in this regards, as most parents and guardians have this concern. Starting off the conversation can be really awkward particularly when you are not prepared for the session. Opportunities can spring up anytime and it is not always the best of time...Did you smile? I guess so.

However, whatever situation you find yourself, it’s important to take the bull by the horn and be the person your child or ward wants to have answers to their questions - born out of curiosity, exploration, from discussions with peers depending on age of child, media, society, etc.

This is a general course attending to most of the Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) I have encountered from my meetings with adults inclusive of parents, guardians and caregivers in my 16 years of working on Sexuality related issues.

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In this course, we shall be looking at:

  • Module One - Why You Need to Start The Conversation?
  • Module Two - Creating Rapport with Your Child or Ward
  • Module Three - Bonus Resources
  • Module Four - Course Evaluation

For premium in-depth way to start and keep the talk ongoing, go further and take the Full Course that takes you through all the four stages of childhood with video instructions, slides, modules worksheets, more resources and freebies including an e-book.

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Dr. PrincessKay
Dr. PrincessKay

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is Founder of Media Concern Initiative, an NGO that pioneered Sexual Violence Response in Nigeria. A foremost Child & Adolescent Sexuality Educator/Counsellor, Forensic Interviewer, Criminal Justice Psychologist, Child Protection Consultant, She runs her Sexuality Ministry among other functions such as Sex & Intimacy Coach, an NLP Practitioner, NonProfit/ NGO Strategist. She is an international Speaker/Minister

Class Curriculum

  Module One : Why You Should Start the Sex Talk?
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  Module 2: Creating rapport with your Child or Ward
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  Module 3: Initiating & Taking Advantage of Opportunities
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  Module 4: Final & Take Aways
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